Truck Transportation

About truck Transportation Services

Motor Carriers are a critical part of intermodal transportation and All India Freight Carrier has established long-term partnerships with qualified flatbed and van carriers to provide superior service to our customers. Our partner carriers are experienced metal haulers, outfitted with proper equipment and employing drivers who are properly trained in load securement and tarping procedures. We qualify and monitor our truck carriers' performance based on safety, damage prevention, and transit time, as well as cost.

Our carriers must meet these criteria and maintain the standards set by All India Freight Carrier for our customers. We also provide container drayage to and from our transload facilities, transportation management services for longer haul freight, and local flatbed movement on company equipment for our intermodal customers and warehousing customers alike.

Truck Transportation Services in India

  • It provides a complete "door-to-door" service.
  • It can be cheaper than other modes of transportation for short hauls.
  • It can be cheaper for small shipments regardless of distance.
  • It can be faster on short hauls.
  • It can provide frequent service.
  • It is highly flexible, able to go wherever there are roads and streets.
  • It offers a wide variety of equipment.
  • The freight can be loaded and unloaded quickly.

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