Project Cargo

About Project Cargo

Project cargo is generally defined as large, over-sized, heavy, high-value or mission-critical pieces of cargo. Project cargo can include multiple shipments of various components that may require disassembly and reassembly after delivery.

Project cargo requires specific care, expertise and meticulous attention to details. All India Freight Carrier develops fully integrated logistics plans for each project cargo shipment, covering every aspect of routing, modes of transportation and port-to-port cargo handling.

Given the often sensitive nature of project cargo, it’s reassuring that All India Freight Carrier has years of experience managing every aspect of shipment and logistics of project cargo with shipments for mining, construction projects, oil and gas exploration and drilling just to name a few.

For a rate request for project cargo, please speak to one of All India Freight Carrier Advanced Project Desk specialists. All India Freight Carrier team members are specially trained and seasoned executives with extensive training in the unique demands of sensitive cargo.

Our success in project cargo moves for mining facilities, power generation plants, petrochemical and oil refineries, steel mill construction projects and additional areas is based on our network of dedicated and strategically placed specialists who get the job done on time and within your budget. This team of personnel has the necessary experience and capabilities to handle the great logistical challenges that are encountered when dealing within the project execution arena.

We arrange all kinds of material transportation aids for sea and overland operations at reasonable prices and terms. Our fleet includes:

  • Cranes
  • Lighters
  • Heavy lift trucks

Our principal carriers have been carrying heavy and medium duty cargo like:

  • Steel pipes
  • Heavy machinery equipment
  • Rig legs, port cranes
  • Cables
  • LPG tanks
  • Excavators
  • Dredging pipes
  • Gas pipelines

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